how to clean crystals


Take the crystal to the sea, cleanse in sea water, allowing the water to wash over it then energise in the sun
Smudge the crystal with mpepo, sage, sweetgrass or cedar. This method of cleansing has been used by Native American & African tribal cultures for centuries Soak the crystal in sea salt for at least 7 hours, then energise in the sun.

Caution: Salt or abrasive substances may mar the surface of the softer crystalline forms – however, this will not affect the crystal efficacy. Place the crystal on a large crystal cluster or on another mineral (which is an energiser) for at least 12 hours. Soak the crystal in brown rice for 24 hours, the rice balances and centres the energy, removing the negativity, while dissipating and transforming the negative to positive. After the soak, the rice is purified and energised and is quite wonderful to eat! Beam white light from your 3rd eye and surround the crystal while sweeping away any negativity to a black hole which is filled with white light. The white light in the black hole transforms the negativity to a positive light energy such that the negativity is released. Maintain concentration and intention. Cleanse the crystal in flowing spring, river, lake or even tap water, then energise in the sun. Water is an universal cleanser an is effective in cleansing undesirable energies in all physical forms
Surround the crystal with white, violet or golden light intending any negativity to be transformed into positive light energy.

How to Awaken Crystals
Sound a meditative gong in proximity to the crystal to activate the resonance of the crystal. Gentle sound Tibetan prayer bells in close proximity to the crystal to align the energy of the crystal structure

How to Charge Crystals
Place crystal on a large crystal cluster. Place crystal in the centre of a circle where the circle is comprised of other crystals whose terminations are pointing towards the centre. Place the crystal in sunlight or in the light of the moon as well as days related to the summer & winter solstices, vernal equinox and autumnal equinox, the full moon and new moon – these periods are energetically heavily charged

Recommended crystals to be used for Space Clearing
Rose Quartz produces a wonderful loving & powerful energy. Placement of this crystal in the home, office, factory, environment or carrying & wearing it offers psychic protection & stimulates the true life force – LOVE. Rose Quartz is helpful at the locations of the heart & crown chakras. The energy is soft & silky, producing a gentleness from without & from within the user. It’s known as a stone of gentle love, bringing peacefulness & calm to relationships and the environment. This powerful mineral wards off negative energies, by bringing in the energy of pure love. It helps to balance the emotional body relating to the upper 4 chakras e.g. heart, throat, brow & crown. It’s an excellent energy for healing emotional wounds.

Purple Amethyst is a stone of contentment and spirituality. It transmutes lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual & ethereal levels causing a complete metamorphosis. Amethyst bestows peace, stability & invigoration, bringing the perfect peace present prior to birth. It clears the aura & transmutes any negative energy located in the body and environment. It is one of the stones used in the breastplate of the High Priest. It opens & activates the Crown chakra. Amethyst is used to protect against psychic attacks, the energy of the attack is transmitted to the Universe which transforms it into positive loving energy. When used with chlorite, it removes unwanted energy implants from one’s physical and auric bodies. Amethyst assists businesses to prosper when placed at the entrance of the business. It controls temperament by imparting a soothing calming & tranquilizing influence while clearing away unproductive & unkind vibrations.

Tiger’s Eye brings the vibrations of sand & sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Sun & Earth.
Resonates to the Earth frequencies, making it a powerful grounding stone. Can be used to enhance psychic abilities by placing it on the 3rd eye. Placed at the base chakra, it disciplines & helps the sexual & emotional life, bringing light to instances where one must be practical. It contains solar energy which helps balance the Solar Plexus, promoting intuitive impressions. Tiger’s Eye helps one to become practical, grounded & of discrete mind. It eliminates the blues, brings brightness & optimism to the environment & the user.
It stimulates wealth & enhances the stability to maintain wealth. It balances both hemispheres of the brain.

Source: Love is in the Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals

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